Health, Safety & EnvironmentEnvironmental Engineer

Environmental Engineers study and enforce regulatory compliance with environmental policies.

Environmental Engineer

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Do you have a love of the environment and a passion for protecting it? As an Environmental Engineer, you'll help your company find ways to reduce environmental hazards. Your focus could include air or water pollution control, waste management control, and hazardous material control.

As an Environmental Engineer, you'll conduct tests to find out potential environmental impacts. You'll also identify solutions to environmental problems. You'll help develop systems to monitor and track progress on solutions you create. This could include collecting and analyzing data to ensure you're making progress in the right direction.

A major responsibility for this role is upholding environmental compliance. To do so, you'll work with various local and federal agencies including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). You'll provide day-to-day oversight of operating units to help ensure that regulations are met. You'll also prepare regulatory reports as needed. You not only help protect the environment but you also keep those working in the plant safe.

This role requires Bachelor's degree in Environmental Engineering. It's also helpful to be familiar with topics like biology, chemistry, water and air regulations, and geology.

Critical Skills

  • Analytical or Scientific Software
  • Analyzing Data
  • Check, Examine and Record
  • Chemistry Knowledge
  • Engineering Principles
  • Environmental Regulations
  • Health, Safety and Environment Practices
  • Prepare Documents and Reports
  • Safety Regulations and Procedures

Key Responsibilities

  • Design systems, processes, or equipment for oversight of environmental concerns
  • Prepare environmental investigation or recommendation reports
  • Develop site-specific health and safety protocols
  • Inspect sites or programs to ensure compliance with environmental regulations
  • Direct installation or operation of environmental monitoring devices or supervise related data collection programs
  • Monitor progress of environmental improvement programs
  • Investigate the environmental impact of projects on air, water, or land
  • Provide support for projects by collecting data, providing project documentation, or training staff
  • Maintain operational records or records systems
  • Prepare and submit permit requests to regulatory bodies

Specific job titles and duties vary by employer so check for details.

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Required Education

Bachelor's degree in environmental or chemical engineering

Preferred Education

Master's degree in environmental engineering

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