Health, Safety & EnvironmentSafety Supervisor

Safety Supervisors are responsible for developing and managing safety policies and programs.

Safety Supervisor

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Are you comfortable in a leadership role? Do you often watch out for others and keep them out of harm's way? As a Safety Supervisor, you'll get to do this and more in an exciting environment.

As a Safety Supervisor, you'll develop and maintain standards that will ensure that the plant meets safety and environmental goals. You'll help create and improve plant safety programs.

Great teamwork and leadership skills are important as you ensure that your team follows safety rules. You'll train your team on safety and environmental protection processes and rules. As a Safety Supervisor, you'll direct and manage compliance with the company safety programs to ensure company safety goals are met. When you see unsafe practices, it will be your job to adjust how the work gets done to ensure the safety of your team and those around you.

In this role, you may also perform and document inspections and audits with to find risks and unsafe behaviors. This requires the ability to think independently, communicate clearly and follow through to make sure that recommended changes are made. You'll also need to be able to operate specialized safety equipment and alarms, plus access and audit safety conditions elevated areas and crawl spaces.

This job may require shift work.

Critical Skills

  • Advanced Computer Skills
  • Deliver Visual, Written, and Oral Instructions
  • Excellent Interpersonal Skills
  • Health, Safety and Environment Practices
  • Leadership
  • Operations Analysis and Monitoring
  • Safety Regulations and Procedures
  • Supervisory Practices
  • Train and Motivate Others

Key Responsibilities

  • Teach, mentor and lead a team
  • Instruct workers to improve safety performance in the details of the work they perform
  • Provide both assistance and backup for the various assignments of safety and environmental projects
  • Make independent judgments about safety issues or problems
  • Develop and implement company programs and policies as they relate to the safety
  • Interpret and provide information on laws, regulations and company policies and procedures
  • Conduct employee training of safety, occupational health, and hazardous waste management
  • Complete risk management assessments

Specific job titles and duties vary by employer so check for details.

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Salary: $30-40/hour

My Interests

Having Independence

Managing People


Improving Processes

Learning & Growing

Working with Data

Physical Activity

Writing Reports and Documentation

Caring for the Environment

Managing Things

Quiet Work Place

Avoiding Risk

Avoiding Stress

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Required Education

Bachelor's degree in safety, occupational health or related field

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