Benefits of PetrochemWorking in a Great Industry

More Than Just a Paycheck

Great pay is only one of the perks of working in Petrochem. These companies care about their people and it shows in their excellent benefits.

Strong Benefits

Great health insurance means you’ll always be able get the care you or your family needs. And while it’s not fun to think about, having paid life insurance is a key safeguard for any family you might leave behind. What’s more fun to think about is paid vacation. Family road trips, Christmas with the grandparents, and maybe even a trip to the Caribbean are all possible with a great career.

An important part of having a great job is continuing education benefits. Petrochemical employers often provide top- notch tuition reimbursement to help you get the degree or certification you need to land that promotion.  

The industry needs you. With billions of dollars in new projects, hiring needs in Petrochem are greater than ever!

A Great Lifestyle

Does the standard 9-5 job sound boring to you? Petrochem has many jobs that offer a more flexible schedule. Whether you work the day shift or night, petrochem employees often form friendships with their coworkers that last a lifetime.

Even people who love their jobs look forward to retirement. These companies will help you save-up so that you can enjoy easy living later in life. There are so many things that make this industry a great place to work!

Does this sound like the place for you? Find out more about what it takes to work in this exciting industry.