Working in PetrochemGood to Know

Things to Know For a Great Career

To work in this exciting industry, you will need to be detail-oriented, reliable, and safety conscious.

Getting Hired

The Types of Jobs and Job Descriptions on this site detail the technical skills you will need to get a great job in Petrochem. Other key factors in hiring is whether applicants have solid “employability skills.” Hiring managers at all of these companies say any job seeker must:

  • Pass a drug test according to employer requirements
  • Pass a background check according to employer requirements
  • Show up on time
  • Work well in a team
  • Understand how to solve problems
  • Focus on safety

It's also good to know about the Transportation Worker Identification Credential, also known as TWIC. Many Petrochemical companies are located within the Houston Ship Channel and Baytown areas so this credential is helpful in getting a job. Visit the TSA's page on TWIC to learn more.

The last item is especially important as Petrochemical companies are deeply committed to reducing risks and keeping their employees, contractors, and the communities where they operate safe. A big part of that commitment is a constant eye on safety. This means employees must always wear the proper Personal Protective Equipment (safety glasses, ear plugs, protective clothing, and other things as required) when needed.

If you're committed to safety, are reliable, and committed to doing the best job you can, you're a great fit for Petrochem.

Many companies require that you take an aptitude test during the hiring process. Check out this FREE practice pre-employment test!

A commitment to safety also means closely following all step-by-step safety instructions - there are no shortcuts in safety!

Another important component is the ability to speak and understand English well. To ensure a safe working environment, all employees must be able to read and understand safety signs and notices at a plant and in the field.

Want to learn more about safety within today’s petrochemical plants? Check out these great jobs in Health, Safety, Environment and Security.

Petrochem employs 80,000 people in Greater Houston